Friday, September 6, 2013

In the Hunt for Huckleberries

 Grinnell Lake, Glacier National Park (Thanks, Trip Advisor!)

Glacier National Park in Montana is one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited. My husband Jeff and I went there shortly after we met and have returned several times since. We're heading back there now as part of a nostalgic 10-day trip that will take us on a whirlwind journey from Glacier to Yellowstone before heading back to L.A. via Spokane. Of course, where and what to eat have always been central questions in our travels--and this trip will be no different. We have particularly fond memories of huckleberry pies and flapjacks over the years. Huckleberries look quite a bit like blueberries, but Montanans claim their flavor is much superior. They usually reach their peak in August, but perhaps we'll be lucky enough to find a few fresh ones at the side of the road--or at least in the jams and jellies served with our morning toast. Unfortunately, huckleberries are a particular favorite of bears, so here's hoping not to get into a squabble with a grizzly, as clearly we'd be on the losing end of that battle!

Look for a new post from somewhere in Big Sky Country--perhaps from the trail clutching a fistful of huckleberries, no grizzlies in sight!

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